From January 31 to February 4, 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany hosted the international toy fair Spielwarenmesse 2018. This exhibition was attended by all major international companies engaged in the production and sale of goods for the holidays and toys. FLYluxe company successfully took part in this exhibition, contacted with the largest manufacturers and distributors of goods for the holidays.

A training seminar was held in Pyatigorsk city on 8.08.2017, conducted by the "Apelsin" trading company. During this seminar, gifts were presented, among which there was a polymer treatment for latex balloons FLYluxe

Fly-luxe is more comfortable to use - new volume of Fly-luxe 0.47 with a pump dispenser.


The pump dispenser. Universal fit

 pump tube can be trimmed to a prefered size

 An agent to exteend ballons flying

time FLYluxe

0.07 liters
minimal volume

An agent to extend ballons flying time FLYluxe 

4 liters of maximum volume

An agent to exteend ballons flying

time FLYluxe

2,5 liters

An agent to exteend ballons flying time                                  An agent to exteend ballons flying time

                                   FLYluxe                                                                 FLYluxe + pump-dispenser

                            0,85 liters                                                                                  0,47 liters